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Hello Everyone!
           I'm FlashGirl, a name given to me by my Comicbook Store Family over at Hope's Comic, and I'm a comic reading, TV watching, novel skimming, Movie-Holic!! I love all Types of Entertainment! I'm a writer and film-maker as well. I just get so obsessed with things that I just keeping pushing until I learn it all about that thing.

            Currently it's the FLASH! I knew of him before the TV Show, but then I started watching that and have gone on a blast from the past trip watching the old Justice League cartoons on Netflix. Next was Young Justice season one; my two favorite episodes would be Kid Flash's Birthday, and the World Without Adults. Billy Batson/Captain Marvel was great! Season Two took a while to find, but I did! After I watch Season Two through other sources like 3 times, they FINALLY put it on Netflix!! (#keepbingingYJ on Netflix so we can get a Season Three!) I fell in love with Impulse/Bart Allen!! For several months last year, I had been lightly looking for a local comic book store... AND BAM! I found one! My first trip I only bought one Comic, Now I'm a regular, usually buying 2 or more a week! I Started off reading only Flash Family comics like Silver Age Barry Allen FLASH, New 52 FLASH, Impulse, Wally West Flash. I've expanded a little and now I'm reading both older and the New 52 Green Lantern. After this new Rebirth in May/June I will probably jump onto a few new books too like Justice League, Titans, Teen Titans, and possibly Superman and Nightwing! Ugh! So Much and they're bimonthly issues!

           Obviously, there will be a lot of Flash stuff, Green Lantern and superhero stuff in general, especially each time I buy a new comic or see a movie or TV Show, but I will post other stuff too. I obsess over lots of things from Harry Potter to traveling, my Fraternities to comics, Tv & Movies to Painting & Art and more... Below is the picture that is my background for this blog; take a closer look to get just a few ideas I obsess over! You'll find all sorts of things!

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