Sooooo.... It's been a while...

I Know, I know! I'm sorry!
I moved and LIFE, and quite frankly as much as I LOVED the show...
It fell a little flat. 
Maybe because I couldn't watch it on cable anymore, or now that I'm on the west coast I'm not seeing the shows first... or the fact that I used to Always have Tuesdays off and now it's my longest day at work... I don't know... it's been a long year.

Surprisingly, it's not the Flash that brought me back.
Have no fear though, I'll be posting more Flash Stuff, but...
It's not What urged me back to blog again. When I Started this blog I told you...
I'm a Fangirl! I get Obsessed over things and I just HAVE to post something to get it out of my system! Otherwise, I dwell too much into my obsession and I can't do anything truly productive.
So, yeah, it's not the Flash... It's not even DC...
Yep, I went to the dark side! #Marvel

Avengers: Infinity Wars messed me up BIG TIME!
Spidey, my only comic reading venture into Marvel, Died!
Like, WHAT!!
It was Heart Breaking!
I saw this FanArt a week After I saw the movie and started balling big, huge, ugly tears.
I still cry seeing this...

But I thought I was doing ok, you know...
I found a sh!t ton of IronDad and SpideySon Fanfictions that
helped dull the ache of what Thanos did! Some of the Fanfictions are so, so good!
And that's just the tip of the iceberg!


Then Ant-Man and the Wasp came out 
and I heard about the casting call for an older Cassie Lang.
My mind started to spiral and I just NEED to post some theories...

So Stay Tuned!!!

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