A Review of Comic Shops in Broward County, Florida

Mid- April I walked into my Local Comic Shop (LCS) to find half the store was gone! I was slightly devastated… This was the place I bought my first comic book from a year and a half ago. This was the shop that gave me the name Flash Girl! This was where I hung out after work before my mom got off work. This was the place I went to go to watch a movie when I didn’t want to be at home. I bought nearly 400 comics from this guy! And I miss it dearly, but he opens from time to time for a sale here or there. Unfortunately, I can no longer get my current comics from here and had to venture out and explore other Comic Book Shops in my area…
I’ve always been one to make my own opinions of a place rather than instantly believing other people recommendations as fact. I think everyone should form their own opinion for themselves. So you can listen to my experience or not at all. Honestly, this blog is for me and if you like it that is great! If you don’t like it, good for you go read something else I’m still writing :P Now on to my experiences…

This was the next closest LCS to me and so the day after I found out my first and favorite shop was closing down, I went to PPF. I walked around, surf the shelves, and checked out the back issues. It was big and a bit chilly, as in it didn’t feel all that friendly. I bought 3 back issues and asked for a subscription list; that seemed to change things a bit. I ended up leaving in a rush and forgot my sunglasses. I didn’t even realize they were missing until Saturday. I called and they were GREAT, made me LAUGH, and felt as EASE knowing they were safe. Between work and car troubles, I couldn’t get back until the following Wednesday and they had my Sunglasses waiting for me! Thank Goodness, because these were designer shades!
            If you want to explore new back issues, or plan to have your Pull-List station at PPF Comics they’re good! (**check update below**) They are nice, professional, and willing to help or fix it when they can. If you just want to stop by once in a while to pick up current books, it’s probably not the best place because they sometimes run out of the new issues and have to call their other locations to provide a copy; they did this for one book they accidentally forgot to put in my Pull-Box. Another book, I think I left it off my pull-list, I decided to check out another shop to go get it. That shop was…
            The area this shop is located is not that great. I was a little nervous to be honest. I came looking for one current issue, but willing to buy a few back issues. This is not a place to buy back issues, there are some, but not a lot, but that’s ok. They have A LOT of current issues, so if you are looking for a rebirth issue from a few weeks ago, they probably have it. They also have a lot of different variants, which is awesome!
            Funny enough the one book I came in looking for was no where to be found. I’m a little shy so I looked and looked before finally asking about it and these guys were the nicest guys ever! The guy at the register said he had just been going through a box and found the last book of the issue I wanted! He pulled it out for me. Apparently, it was selling out everywhere! At the counter the guy was trying to ring me up, but he had been doing a bit of inventory before and the computer/ register was having a little technical difficulties. It took about 5 to 10 minutes for the register to work, but the guys there were active, talkative, and friendly. I left with a smile on my face and I will totally go back just to talk comics and heroes with them because it was so much fun!

            If you want to be wowed, take lots of pictures, check out silver age comics, and get every variant of recent releases, this is the place to go! 

              I found some back issues I like, some more I want to buy, and a few Trades that I wish I had money for! I’m definitely planning to stop by again just for their content! As for the service… meh. I asked about an indie issue I’ve been looking for and they just said, ‘If it’s not on the shelf then we don’t have it… just go look.’ And then they just turned their back on me and continued with whatever it was they were doing. Um… yeah, they have the biggest store in South Florida, they have tons of little alcoves of different comics and collectables, they have a massive back issues area, and I think they even have an upstairs area! The place is HUGE! “Go look on the shelf”? For real? Which one honey? As a new comer to the store, I was impressed with the content, not the employees, which is why I will probably only stop by one more time before I move out of Florida.

            This was my third home (the first being my actual house, the second being my job). The circle of friends I made here will always be a part of me! I walked into this store after searching for it for about two weeks, I was shy and upon the owner, Sam, asking me a second time if I need help I finally answered, “yes.” I told him I wanted a flash comic because I liked the show and wanted to check out the comic side of things. He showed me where they were and pulled out 3 books: Issue #1 of Season Zero of the Flash, and #35 & #36 of The Flash New 52 Series. He explained the difference of the two series and recommended the New 52 over Season Zero. He also pointed out the Trades he had as well as the issue bundle packs. I shyly bought just one issue #35 of The Flash New 52 because I really didn’t know if I would like it or not… I was back two days later buying Issue #36 and asked about Impulse. He had about 75% of the series! I bought two of those issues as well and started building. Sam was cool and all he wanted to do was help if needed and have a good conversation. When there was a book not on the shelf or in a box he found it online and ordered it for me, unless it was unattainable. On random occasions he’d give me a book or an action figure he new I’d like for free.
I probably would not be writing this article if he hadn’t decided to shut down because I really never wanted to go anywhere else. I know a lot of people say shops are closing all the time because they don’t make enough money, but that is not the case here. Sam is a family guy and he want more time with them, and I can totally respect that. His shop is still there, but only opens on special weekends for great sales! So check it out sometime when he opens once in a while!

UPDATE – I wrote most of this article a week ago, but I was on vacation when I finished this. I just got back and went to get my pull list from PPF and they missed another book and now I must wait a few days to get the issue I really wanted to read! Not happy at all since this would be the 3rd week in a row that I didn’t get all my books in one go. Seriously thinking about making a move on where I’m keeping my pull list.

So if you live in Broward County of South Florida, you have a few choices to go to for comics!
Check them out, make your decisions, and enjoy reading & collecting! 
I’d love to here your experiences too, so comment below! 
Until next time… Gotta RUN!

A Review of Comic Shops in Broward County, Florida A Review of Comic Shops in Broward County, Florida Reviewed by Natalia Portal on May 27, 2017 Rating: 5

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  1. Why can't we have such comic shops here in Pakistan. We have huge fan following of comics in Pakistan and they are crazy about comic stuff. Good post, thank you for sharing information about it


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