10 Things You Should Know About Power Rangers: The Movie

I really enjoyed this movie! It had great moments and brought me back to my childhood! It also had some serious flaws. Lets go over some of the thing you should know about the movie...

#1. There IS an Mid-Credit Scene!
I always look for this online and thought it should be made aware for others looking for this answer. :) Is a small scene, but a classic lead into the next movie! I'll be interested to see that one as well!

#2. It is PG-13 for a Reason!
If I had kids, I probably wait to let them see this just because some of the POV crash scenes were hard to watch. It was a real life type situation (not in the Zords or during the major battles) and it might cause nightmares for it's realistic film style. Also there are a few sexualized jokes that are inappropriate for younger audiences. You are fore warned!

#3. The Budget Seems Weirdly Used...
They had approximately $105,000,000 for their Budget. This is a big amount and more than I expected considering the movie I saw. I don't think it was used as well as it could have. It had an element for the first Magic Mike movie, where part of it was GREAT Quality and the other half was crap. Power Rangers Fight Scenes were Great, but the rest was... just ok. IDK if maybe most of it was spent on the actors and actresses with a bonus for signing on for sequels, but hopefully the next movie will have a bigger budget and exceed to be a better movie than the first.

#4. The Zords and the Fighting was AWEsome!
It seriously brought back the nostalgia of the Original Power Rangers! This is the reason to see this movie! It brought it all back home and made me fall in love! I will see this movie again in theaters for the Rangers, the Zords, and the Fight scenes! It Is Worth IT!

#5. It took a while to get to the Big Stuff.
The first episode of the original Power Rangers TV Show, there is a space scene on the moon and Rita pops out and Zordon says, "She Back! Alpha bring me 5 teenagers with attitude!" And BOOM! They're Rangers! Yes, the TV Show was quick, too quick, and yes we need a longer introduction before they became Rangers, but the movie was way too long! It's rather slow and while they try to build relationships within their group it does not feel genuine. 

#6. Major Flaws in Secondary Characters.
I consider Zordon and Alpha secondary characters. They are there to help the protagonists of our story, The Power Rangers, to become the Heroes we need! Unfortunately, they hinder them instead and that is what really drags the movie. Zordon is a bitter old man who is stuck in a wall and his only way to get out is for the Rangers to morph. He is driven by greed and practically despises the new Rangers calling them children and telling them they are not good enough. I can't imagine why they can't morph?! #Sarcasm Alpha was not any better as they deceive the Rangers into thinking they are training them and helping them to become strong enough to morph and fight Rita, where in reality Alpha was only doing it to help Zordon get out of the Wall. They both make a turn around and DO Redeem themselves in the end! Personally, I could have done without this storyline...

#7. Overly Complicated Characters.
With a large cast, or a large group on main characters it is hard to give them all complicated backgrounds and reveal it all in the first movie. The TV Show gave them simple differing characteristics: Jason was the Jock, Zack was the hiphop fun guy, Billy was the smart one, Kim was the gymnast, and Trini did martial arts and was soulful and peaceful person. In the movie: Jason was the jock who wasn't a jock, Kimberly was the popular who wasn't popular anymore, Billy was autistic and smart and lost his dad and... , Zack was the badass player who wasn't a badass, Trini was a lesbian loner with a difficult mom. That Is A Lot! That is really hard to put all of that in a single film, PLUS get to the Hero Stuff! 

#8. Creating the Hero was Great!
When the big battle started, they Morphed and bring their Zords to town to stop Goldar, I wondered if the towns people understood they Zords were their to help them, not harm them. Both Goldar and the Zords were destroying building left and right. I know I would have been scared shitless of all of those things. It wasn't until the Red Ranger left his Zord to help someone on the ground level. It was a fantastic scene to watch someone in utter fear and terror change to hope and thankfulness. It's a beautiful scene that is really well done and needed in this film! 

#9. A Scene to Cheesy for Me, it's Krispy Kreme.
In the middle of the major battle, like Stan Lee's Cameo in Amazing SpiderMan (the library one), Rita takes a moment to enjoy a donut or two as the building comes down around her. It was just too Cheesy for me!

#10. Always go for the Cameos!
When you create a movie that is based off something else, like a TV Show, another movie, a book, or a comic, it is always fun to have a cameo. The writer of the original book sitting in a cafe, an actor from the old movie as a cab driver, etc, etc... Yes! We have a Cameo! Say Hi to Kim and Tommy in the movie! Jason David Frank, who played Tommy Oliver, is the most seasoned Power Ranger actor to date! He was in 8 seasons of the TV Series and Goes to Comic Cons regularly! The original Pink and Green Rangers appear in the movie, and they will also be at Florida Supercon this Summer! I Hope I get a chance to go!

By writing this post I might have put doubt in your mind,
you may no longer feel the need to see this film.
The truth is... it is NOT a horrible movie,
but it's not fantastic either. 
All in All it evens out. I will see it again 
in theaters if that tells you anything... It is enjoyable.
10 Things You Should Know About Power Rangers: The Movie 10 Things You Should Know About Power Rangers: The Movie Reviewed by Natalia Portal on March 26, 2017 Rating: 5

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