Where did we go during the Vibe vs. Gypsy fight?

         What a rush this fight was! Definitely a change from the speedster fights we see every week! The most fun was hopping from earth to earth. Catching Cisco off guard with a quote from Spinal Tap Gypsy pull vibe through a breach to Earth Two.
She's obviously been there before. Maybe on another collection? Did Harry know about the possible collectors and that was what he was warning them about when he was pulled back to Earth Two in their last meeting?
      Next Cisco pulled Gypsy through another breach making an unexpected entrance into Catco on Earth 38, Supergirl's Earth.
The fight didn't last long before Gypsy threw Cisco through another breach.
This was an Earth we have not been to. Who knows, it may not have been Earth to begin with, as Barry said, "They can be anywhere by now," and Julian, "In any universe." So the question is, Where did they go? And has Gypsy been here before? After all she sent them there.

My theory is:

Why? For a few reasons...
          Just the appearance of this world (the lava pits), and there are structures in the background, which suggest other life. Another big part of last week's episode was the Electric Gang and their high-tech weapons. While we never found out where these guys got their weapons (they caught the dealer, not the supplier), it reminds me of the Intergang in Young Justice. A group of criminals that use Apokolipic weaponry for their crimes. In Young Justice Season 1 Episode 17, the Intergang's weapon supplier was Desaad from Apokolips. 
        This opens up for interesting new storylines and characters, like maybe a crossover event fighting Darkseid! We may also see Granny Goodness, Desaad, Orion, or maybe introduce the new gods of New Genesis. So cool!
           To be honest my knowledge of Apokolips is limited to Justice League Unlimited and Young Justice animated cartoons, but I thought this was a pretty cool easter egg in the newest episode of The Flash! 
          If you know any Darkseid or Apokolips must read comic book storylines, let me know in the comments below! I'm always looking to learn more! If you thought this third Earth Vibe and Gypsy went to was some place else, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Until next time, Speed On!
Where did we go during the Vibe vs. Gypsy fight? Where did we go during the Vibe vs. Gypsy fight? Reviewed by Natalia Portal on February 05, 2017 Rating: 5

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