Remembering Alan Rickman...

A year has past since this brilliant actor has left us. He passed away last year on January 14, 2016 from Cancer. The last of his movies have played and gone from the theaters, but as I watch the latest Harry Potter movie, rewatch the old ones, and reread the books, I am reminded of him. Despite the many film roles he had, he'll always be Professor Snape to me!

As I remember this great actor, I am reminded of I story I was told several months ago at Florida SuperCon during a Harry Potter Panel. Devon Murray and Natalia Tena, who played Seamus Finnigan and Tonks in the movie, did a Q&A at the event. One of the fans asked what was their best experience or story with/about Alan Rickman. Devon jumped at the bit, saying it was his mom's story more than his...

So one day in the early years of making the Harry Potter films, they had just finished filming for the day and Devon was tired. Normally the kids would walk back to the dressing rooms, while the parents would take golf carts back, it was a long ways to the dressing rooms. Devon's mom told him to take the first golf cart and she would get the next, so he left. His mother sat down on the next golf cart and someone else got in with her. It was Alan Rickman, and she was a huge fan and had yet to actually talk to him. On their trip to the dressing rooms, she sat frozen, unspeaking and in awe of him, while he chatted away. Slightly mortify she told Devon of the experience, but while walking out to the cars to go home for the night with a few other kids (including Matthew Lewis) and their Moms, she told them, "Alan Rickman and I are like this!" Crossing her fingers to show the closeness. Alan comes up behind Devon mom, wraps an arm around her shoulders and says, "Why, yes. Yes we are!" Before this day, the kids, including Devon had not seen Alan Rickman as anything other than scary old mean, Professor Snape! 

"It was a bit of a shock to see his sense of humor." Devon explained. 

It became a running joke ever since as times when they were eating on the set, or something, Alan would wink at his mother from across the room or say or do something. His mom would blush and this embarrassed Devon constantly. 

This is why I like the Celebrity Panels, you get to hear stories you'd never hear any where else and this was just so cute and sweet and Funny!

Thank you Alan for every role you took and every character you became! You will forever be remembered by you Fans! And Thank You Devon, for sharing this story! I'm so glad I went to that Panel!
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