Wicked Election

Hey Speedsters, It's been a while.
I'm in my last semester of my Bachelors Degree, so I'm taking more classes than before, and applying to a slue of Grad school programs. Halloween also took a chunk of my time because I was working on My UM Harley Quinn (HarliCane?) Cosplay!
(A Harley Quinn Hammer Tutorial is in the works!)

Okay, excuses over with! Here is the reason I'm posting...

If you know me personally, you probably didn't know who I was voting for unless you straight out asked me. I generally don't discuss politics at work or school or at the movies because it turns into a debate. Debates can get ugly, we've seen that on TV, I don't need it in real life. So for the most part, I keep quiet. I'm also a Democrat living in a Republican state. If I can avoid getting bullied, I will.

Long story short, I voted for Clinton and we lost...
I voted for a Candidate that set up her whole life to one day become President. I was not voting for someone who decide to Run for President as a joke and decide to follow through when they got so much Support. I voted for a woman whose been in politics her whole life and has changed to become the woman America could want as a Female President. She has continued her passions, but adjusted to constructive criticism and held herself in cordial and respectful manner. I did not vote for a man who knows nothing about politics and encouraged riots at his rally. I did not vote for a man who makes fun of people with disabilities and says to grabs women by the pussy.

In the end I'm not happy with who was elected, but I will not let that get me down. It will not cause me to abandon my country. I will rise above it. I will not disown or unfriend my Trump supporting friends. I will accept them and I hope they will be happy with their voting decision.

As a very artistic person, art, music, dance, and film means different things to me. It changes as new life changes and means different things when things change. Music has a special place in my heart. So this morning as I left for school, I got in the car and turned on the music. A CD in the player began, the musical Wicked, plays. The song Defying Gravity plays and it means a little more than it did last week. 

I am Elphaba. Despite my love for this country and the people who live here, I will not support the wizard. I can't. Our beliefs do not coincide with each other. So I will continue to live my life, by my beliefs. The wizard can not bring me down and make me call out in defeat, unless I let him. Don't let him!

My Trump supporting friends are Glinda. You chose to follow the wizard, and I hope you are happy. I hope that you understand the choice you chose. If one day, you chose to defy gravity with me, I will accept you. 

Whatever our beliefs we are still friends.

No matter where we may be in a year's time and our views have changed, 
you can find me out West in Cali! :)

Don't walk with the crowd, be your own person,
Don't let the wizard bring you down, 
And Defy Gravity.

This was a Wicked Election,
but don't let it tarnish your relationships
with your friend, family, or country.
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