10 Things I'm Thankful for in 2016

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
       I hope you are spending it with the people you love and are enjoying the company you have! My Thanksgivings are always spent with my mother and brother. It's small, but it's us! We go to the movies and then head home to fix the turkey; I'm kind of lucky my brother is a chef and does most of the work. I make the dinner rolls and my mother bakes the pie.

It's one of the few nights we sit at the table together and eat. Sometimes it's awkward silence and other time we'll be ranting and raving about something going on. #normalfamilydinnerstuff I Love them and it's perfect! I am so thankful for my family it is beyond words that I can express in this post and so I will leave at that and list the other things I am Thankful for this year.

#10. The DC Movie Universe Taking Off... Finally!
Marvel started their movie universe years ago, while DC was still doing stand alone hero films. None of them connected, but finally DC started connecting the dots. I'd like to think The CW's shared Universe made the movie masters realize it could work. Now if only the movie and TV universe could share the same universe it would be AWESOME!!

#9. This Blog!
When ever I get a chance to write a post, boost someone up, or make someone happy, it give me unreasonable joy! I hope I am giving something to you guys because just writing here does so much for me it's crazy and I love it! I truly that YOU (my readers), and Blogger, and the Internet for be there, so I can blabber on for my love of the Flash and DC Comics! Thank you!

#8. DC Universe Rebirth!

Almost a year and a half ago I just started reading comics, I know, I know, I'm late to the game! And that was exactly my biggest problem! I had no idea where to start! I mean The New 52 was on issue #37! I hopped on the Flash, but sort of lost. I learned the valuable lesson to accept the not knowing the entire past of the character and not having solid ground to start reading something. While I did jump into Flash, other current comics were difficult for me to grasp, and then REBIRTH was announced! I went from reading 2 current comic runs to reading 7 Rebirth comic runs! And I'm Loving It! I'm currently reading: Flash, Titans, Teen Titans, Hal Jordan and the GLCs, Green Lanterns, Justice League, and Superman.

#7. My Place to Shop, Hope's Comics!

This is my Go-To Comic Shop! Sam, the owner, is the Man! I'll admit I was kind of, a little, terrified going into a comic shop for the first time and he made me want to come back time and time again! He has a great collection of comics, statues, Pop!s, and more! If it's not in-store he'll know something about it and try to find it for you if that's possible! This is the place to go if you're in South Florida!

#6. The Flash on the CW!
If you haven't guessed, I LOVE THE FLASH! This Show on the CW got me back into Superheroes, like big time! Sure Ironman was cool, and Batman was brooding, but The Flash reminded me of the Justice League cartoons when I was a kid. Watching the Flash caused me to WANT MORE! It led me to Young Justice which led me to Impulse which pushed me to the Comic Shop and then I started this Blog! It's Freakin' Glorious Man! LOL! This show started it all and I will Always be Thankful for that!

#5. The Mega Crossover!

In the words of Felicity Smoak: BEST TEAM-UP EVER! Overtime someone mentions it online, in person, or on the TV I just get the Biggest Freakin' Smile and I love it! I honestly can express my excitement right now I just keep smiling as I rematch this Trailer over and over! HA!

#4. DKA & PSP!

The 2 Professional Fraternities, Delta Kappa Alpha and Phi Sigma Pi, I'm apart of at school and all the things we do together! Creating and playing new board games, Chipotle fundraisers, Scares and Scores, Big/Little, Holiday parties, Rush, and so much more, I can hardly keep up! It truly does keep me busy, sometimes I can't do as much as I'd like because of my commute. My friends I've gain through them do so much for me I hope I've returned the favor in some way!

  #3. Painting, Drawing, ART!

Taking a leadership role in Phi Sigma Pi jump started my long forgotten artistic inspiration! Designing flyers and drawing up banners got my creative juices flowing and I begin to sketch more often and I started to paint! It's such a fantastic stress reliever, I just love taking a break from my hectic schedule and painting something new!

#2. Young Justice SEASON 3!!!!!
When I heard/saw the news, I just about died of happiness! I couldn't breath, I was just so excited! IT'S IN PRODUCTION AS I SPEAK! WHAT?! So Awesome! I wish I had been able to post my glee about this earlier this month, but I'd been swamped with papers, scripts, and grad school applications... Young Justice means so much to me and I have repeatedly expressed my strive to #RenewYoungJustice and that wish has finally been granted!

What More Can I Say?! It's been a long, educational, thrilling, fun 4 1/2 years at The University of Miami and I am Proud to be a Hurricane! I'm also SO Ready to Graduate! With less than a month (wow, that is scary!) until Graduation, I am truly thankful for everything UM has given me!

Despite all the things that might not have been all that great
this year, I always try to look for the better things...
There is always something to be thankful for,
So what are you thankful for this
Thanksgiving Day?
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