#TheFLASH - 5 Things that Changed in the New Timeline

Last Night the second episode of #TheFLASH aired on the CW at 8pm; this episode created our new normal universe for the cast of The Flash and the entire Arrowverse! A lot of small changes occurred, but the major ones we saw in this episode can be narrowed down to 5!

1. Iris and Joe weren't talking...
At the end of the Season 3 premiere, Barry walked in the house, happy to be home, and asked for Iris. That is when Barry found out, Iris and Joe weren't on talking terms. In this universe, Iris had a very different reaction to finding out her mother was alive. She blamed Joe and a rift was formed. Barry was at a lost when he learned all this and throughout the episode he was determined to fix it. The title of this number is in the past tense because Barry does succeed in healing the rift, if only by Barry telling them what he did in creating the world. Basically, learning that Barry knew of another reality where Iris didn't blame Joe, and that this rift was tearing Barry apart, Iris let bygones be bygones and forgave her father. She did it to make Barry feel better #TrueLove?

2. Barry has a new Lab Partner! Julian Albert AKA. Draco Malfoy
Tom Felton joins the Cast of The Flash! In this new universe Julian and Barry have been working together for about a year. Julian's desk marker has him as a Meta-Human CSI Specialist, which means the Task Force was more successful in the universe compared to the two man team of Joe and Patty in the original Timeline. He also mentions a Meta-Human Conference; I wonder, how big is the conference? City? Regional? National? Does the Meta-Human problem exceeds the city limits? (Technically, yes anyone could have moved away from Central City after the Particle Accelerator  went off, but for the most part it's in City.) Back to Julian and Barry, well it feels like Draco and Harry. They can't stand each other and Julian doesn't trust Barry, who is a little bewildered by this. I mean, come on! Barry is like Pudding! Everybody Likes Pudding!

3. Cisco's Brother, Dante, died in an accident involving a drunk driver
It's horrible to see the sad, depressed aura around Cisco. He is just not dealing with it. Seeing him in the Grief Support group was heart wrenching. What was most confusing was they way he acted towards Barry. There was anger and resentment. Finally, we learn that Cisco had begged Barry to go back and save his brother's life, but Barry refused. In grief, it is easy for us to make rash and wrong decision. As Cisco's friend, Barry could see the ramification, but as the one dealing with the grief barry could not. While Cisco's brother is still dead, he learns to forgive Barry.

4. John Diggle's daughter is now a son!
Previously, John Diggle had a daughter, Sarah. She no longer exist and he has a son, John, instead. During the SDCC, the creators of the show said Flashpoint did affect Arrow, mainly in John Diggle's life. I'm curious as to what other changes there are. The son looks older, so is he still married to Lyla? Maybe we will find out tonight on Arrow 8pm!

5. Caitlin's Frost
"You have nothing to worry about, Kate. I think out of everyone actually, you're the only one that wasn't really affected when I messed with the timeline." -- Barry Allen
You Jinxed It, Barry! You Jinxed it!
We have seen normal Caitlin and villain Caitlin, now we'll get to see learning her powers Caitlin! I'm super excited to see it!

Well that's it for now, but this episode was so great, I wanted to leave a few honorable mentions!

Edward Claris AKA The Rival
He was back for round two, but round three might be questionable after his run in with the gauntlet armed... 

He's back in action and might have a suit by the end of the season!

Dr. Alchemy
The big bad this season so far! He's preparing the world for something, but we'll have to wait to find out! I'm curious to find out his big plan! I mean, come on, he's already created 4 more meta-human, what else can he do. I love the Comics, but I'm still new to them so I have yet to read any on this particular villain yet.

Last, but definitely not least...
Jay Garrick!
We still got our Father/Son talk between Grant and John, but instead of it being between Henry and Barry, it's Jay and Barry. In the Comics, Jay is in someways a father figure to Barry because the older speedster has had his speed much longer than Barry. It's fun to still have these talks and I hope we'll see more in the future. 
P.S. Did you catch Dawson's Creek on the TV in the Diner?

Now it's your turn!
How did you like Last Night's Episode?
Did you see any other smaller Timeline changes?
Comment below!
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