New Wells found through #HarryHunting

The wonderful Tom Cavanagh, who turns 53 today, is a Flash series regular with the most interesting role. Every time we see him, he's playing a different version of the same guy. He's probably played about 10 different versions of Harrison Wells and we continue to get more.

Last week, Earth 2 Harrison Wells (AKA. Harry) returned to Earth 1 asking for Barry's help to train his Daughter, who recently gained Superspeed. In last night's episode our Earth 2 visitors decided to head home. When it was first discussed, Team Flash protested saying the team isn't 100% with Harrison Wells. Harry's reply? "Then change that... There's a whole multiverse of Harrison Wells out there at your finger tips. You want one? Let's go get one." And so the Hunt begins!

My thought's went to, They're going Harry Hunting! And then I wondered where I heard that before... It didn't take long to figure it out!
With the new Harry Potter cast mate on the show, that was strangely absent in the episode, I wonder if this leap was intentional or not? Also did you notice that last night's episode lacked the new CSI Julian Albert, but also Dr. Alchemy? Is that yet another connection?

Back to the topic of Harry Hunting we met 4 more Harrison Wells...
Number one was a disgusting, old west crouch, not worthy of the trip to Earth 1.
Number two was a steam punk old world respectful follow. The team were a bit 
stunned by his speech patterns. I think the words Terra Prime 
made them abandon this option.
Number three was a no go on the fact that the guy didn't speak english and gestured like a mime.
And here is the winner! Hailing in from Earth 19, HR is a cool dude, 
seemingly excited to join the team. Next week will see 
if he stays true to the good natured character. 
Just beware his humor, it's a little scary.

Well that's all for now!
Have fun, stay fast, 
and let me know
 what you think
 last night's 

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