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Good Afternoon Speedsters!
     The hurricane has passed and everything is fine, #NoDamage thank goodness. Round Two looks to be a lot of rain, but no more of a threat. I Pray for those in Haiti and others in the path of the storm. I encourage you to go to your local Publix grocery store and donate a buck or two to the Red Cross Disaster Relief that will help those effected by Hurricane Matthew!
     In other news, I was thoroughly bored while cooped up in the house on Thursday and finally decided to check out my ComicBook Guy's new Podcast!

      With 2 tracks and more to come! Some of the books they were talking about that I am not on, I'm tempted to get! These guys know their stuff and are fun to listen to! Not sure about a book you might want to start getting? Listen to these guys talk about it and then decide!
      Hope's Comics is the place to go in Broward County, FL! Awesome books, great Customer Service, Sales All the Time, and a pretty good Podcast! Check it out!

See you for a new recommendation next week folks!
       Yours Always,
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