Paradise City Comic Con! #FGSpendingSunday

I'm running a bit late this weekend, but hey! I could wait another week to share my spending
in this new weekly post I've decided to start called Spending Sunday
Sometimes it'll be about spending time in places or with people, 
other times it'll be all about what I bought this week,
or maybe what I'm thinking about buying...
Good purchases or bad purchases, fun people or rude people, we shall see how the spending goes!
So My Speedsters, 
Have you guessed what my big spending was in the last few days? Yes! I got the 3-Day Badge for
 Paradise City Comic Con for this Dec. 9-10-11! I already have my costumes planned out! 
On Friday, I'll be wearing my Green Lantern Cosplay,
(I hope to have a lantern to go with it)
On Saturday, for the Costume Contest, I'll be 
University of Miami Harley Quinn!
(You'll be seeing the finished version by the end of October on here!)
And finally on Sunday (If I Finish It... ) I'll do my FlashGirl Cosplay!
I have some great ideas and plans, but they're only in theory right now!
The follow may contain Amazon Affiliate links, what this means is any purchases made follow the link 
will provide a small commission to me at no extra cost to you.
So now that I'll be going to Paradise City Comic Con, I have a few things to get besides my Cosplay things. I mean, Come ON! I'm Gonna be a Badge Holder this time! *Screams!*
Is it weird I'm this excited?! So I'm kind of debating
on getting these Lanyards to go with
my cosplay and badge...
I can even decide between a UM lanyard or a Harley Quinn Lanyard...

Or Am I thinking too much on this and I actually have to use their PCCC Lanyard?
 This is the first time I got a badge, so I’m not sure! 
If you know, comment below and 
Let Me Know! Thanks!

It's late, so I'm gonna finish this up and say, "YAY! #FGSpendingSunday!"
Good night, and Have fun and be safe tomorrow!
Happy Labor Day!

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