National Gymnastics Day

     Today might be USA Gymnastics' 18th Annual National Gymnastics Day, but it'll be the first year we Celebrate the Boy Wonder - AKA. Dick Grayson, AKA. Youngest Member of the Flying Graysons, AKA. Robin! 
      I have to admit, I was always a little bit jealous of Robin's Aerobatic, Acrobatic, and Gymnastic skills when I was younger and doing gymnastics myself. While I didn't look up to anyone one gymnast to aspire to be, Robin was in the mix. Sounds corny? Yeah, probably, but he was cool!
      As you know, before Dick Grayson became Batman's protege, he lived with his family in a traveling circus. His Family was the Star attraction! Here's a short clip about Dick's past (with clips from both Young Justice and Batman: The Animated Series)

     In all of DC Comics, if you ask who is the Gymnast? The answer you will almost always get is "The First Robin", "Dick Grayson", "Nightwing". It's a Fact and we Love Dick for That!
    If you're a Gymnast and want to Celebrate this wonderful day with other gymnast in relief or even online check out the USA Gymnastic Website for more information!
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