Batman Day

Hey Speedsters, It's Batman Day!
      For the third year in a row DCComics commences a celebration of our Brilliant Gotham Knight! Batman Day was created on the 75th Anniversary of the Character, which premiered in Detective Comics in May of 1939. Batman and the Bat Family have had continuous readers ever since the beginning. In Rebirth alone, the Bat Family has a constant role in at least 12 of the 30+ books that have started with Rebirth this past Summer. Batman is one of the back bones of DC Comics, so it should definitely be celebrated yearly! 
     The first year they recognized the comic book holiday was on July 23rd, 2014 with a free issue of Detective Comics #27. Last year, they moved the event to Sept. 26th and they gave out a free #1 Issue of Batman Endgame. This year's the free book is 'DC Universe Rebirth - Batman #1'! While I already have this issue, I'm tempted to get the free book just because I like the cover art!
    So go check out your local comics Shop today and get your Free Batman comic! Check to see if your comic shop is participating in this years event ----> HERE

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