My First Cosplay

I Told Ya, I was doing it!
Took me a while to get everything together and then I rushed the photoshoot, only to then wait several weeks to get the pictures. None the less, here is the final product of our hard work!
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A List of Costume Items can be found *Here*
The only things I bought online was just the shoes and the Green Lantern Ring, actually. I have fat fingers, so just to be safe I got a Size 14 Ring. I may or may not re-buy this item and get a size 12 or 13, since the 14 is a little too big, but it worked great for the shoot. 

The Makeup was the next hardest thing, and I did a couple of trials til I was happy. I may or may not try another one or two techniques before Halloween and Paradise City Comic Con. Although, what I did for the Photoshoot was really great and pretty easy.

I used Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art - 080 Desert Dazzle for the Will Power Symbol on my Left Eye. I used a basic eyeliner pencil to sketch the symbol on my face and then filled it in, using the green and highlighting it with the gold glitter. I also used this on my lips since it was a liquid; after every 20 minutes or so, I would have to re-aply it to my lips as it would dry and crust out. It's not an all day option for the lips. For the rest of my makeup, I used basic foundation, concealer, and blush. My Right Eye needed some color though, so I used Revlon PhotoReady Primer+Shadow - 535 Pop Art and just followed the instructions on the case.  
The photoshoot took place at a local park. If you're in the Cooper City area, check it out at Tree Tops Park! There's a ton of PokeStops and wonderful nature trails, including the one that leads to this bridge ramp and wooden tower. It was the perfect location. 
Now that you've seen the original pictures from that day, 
check out the edited versions!
Some were simple edits, others more complex... 
Adding backgrounds or constructs...
In the end it was just FUN!

I am an impulsive person once I gather all the things I need to do something. Once I had all the accessories I deemed I needed for this photoshoot, I rushed out to get those pictures! I wasn't long into the session that I realized I didn't have a lot of poses, or a planned picture. I just had an basic idea and sort of winged it. While I'm happy over all for the pictures I got, I do wish I had more variety to choose from, & That is totally My Fault! I have a plan for some more photos with this cosplay, since I have access to a few more things now that school is starting. Which I'm really excited for!

In truest fashion, these pictures were not taken without help! The Photographer behind the Lens is non-other than Samantha Berger. She studies Film and Photography at BC in Davies, FL.
Thank you Samantha For the Wonderful Photos!

Admit it! As FlashGirl, you thought my first official Cosplay Costume would be The FLASH, or a variant there of. Unfortunately, The Flash has a more complicated costume in the sense of buying small bits and pieces over time so the cost doesn't hurt so bad for a poor college student like myself. So FlashGirl's FLASH Cosplay is on hold for the moment, but it's definitely in the works!

So, How do you like My Cosplay?
Did I do Green Lantern Justice?
Which picture worked best?
Do you have a Cosplay? 
I'd loved to see it, so drop a link :D
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