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Good Afternoon Speedsters,
      With school starting this week for most of us, we are in a hustle and bustle of shopping, studying, and stressing. The start of the school year is a busy time for most of us. Even if you're not in school, you'll see more people on the road or in the stores. It gets hectic! I'll admit, I might take a step back (not too much) from this blog, if only because of college and Rush weeks are upon me which means I'm on Campus a lot and that's a lot of driving for me. School could also have the opposite effect too, since I need escape from time to time and that what this blog does for me :) ...
      None the less with the start of school it's a stressful time and we need escape and I have the perfect story for you!

The Bat's Cape by Legitimate Pipsqueak 
When he was first starting out, Robin used to hide under the Bat's cape. Gordon find's this adorable. This is now a series of Robin moments. Most include fluff at some point. You have been warned.

     This set of one shots are so cute, they'll lift your spirits and make you giggle. Wally is particularly awesome in his bro-ness and friendship with Robin during his appearances. The first will make you giggle, the second will make you cry, the third will make you laugh out loud, and the fourth will make you want to pick Rob up and cuddle him to pieces. It's an on going series and I, personally, can not wait for the next installment!
      If you decide to read this story, leave a review. It really boost the writer's enthusiasm for writing the story. If you do leave a review please type #IAO_FG somewhere in the review to show my blog sent you!

Thanks and Enjoy the Story!
          Yours always,
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