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Good Afternoon Weekend-ers!
          This is a late start and I don't even have a new story for you to read. Truth be told, I got caught up in the Pokemon Go Mania! It's a Fun game and you should check out my post on it (#itsHERE)! 

I still reading every new chapter of In Another World and Under Stormy Skies, but new Fanfiction stories just aren't on my priority list for the moment... Don't worry, Fanfiction always brings me back in though, LOL. 
      Until then, I'm outside walking around catching Pokemon and when I get a little tired, I'll head home snack on an apple and study up on Pokemon! Did you know they have 2 Pokemon shows and 2 Pokemon movies on Netflix? It adds up to a total of 55hrs! That's a lot of watching! I'm still on the original Pokemon Indigo League Series from the 90s! It brings back good memories! So that's my recommendation for this weekend, Watching Pokemon! 
        If that's not your thing, then pull out some back issues of comics that you haven't actually read yet and read those! I have Convergence: Green Lantern/ Parallax #1 & #2, along with 2004's Green Lantern Rebirth in my pile to read! 
        So I've got plenty to do this weekend, plus work tomorrow :/
                   Anywho, I hope you all have a Fantastic Weekend!
                            Hugs Forever!
                                       Flash Girl

PS. Do you know a story that deserves some props? 
Post a link in the comments below! I Love reading!
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