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Good Morning Weekend-ers,
           I see blue skies, a bright yellow sun, and a few clouds. It's the perfect time to grab your phone, head to the park and go on a Pokemon Journey! Yep, I downloaded Pokemon Go last night and I'm excited to find some more Pokemon today, lol. Once you catch your Squirtles, Bulbasars, and an Evie; take a little break, sit by the lake, swap over to the internet, and pull up this gem of a story to read...

Dead. He was dead. His life was over. Yesterday, no one had ever heard of Wallace Rudolph West. Today, the whole world knew he was Kid Flash. All because of that stupid field trip.

       Wally West's Secret Identity is reveal after he rescues his teacher from being murdered in front of him and his classmates. Now Wally must deal with life in the lime light. The story is fantastically done and should hopefully be updated soon according to the authors notes. I read through this story in a day and my imagination has run on ever since! It's a fantastic story and while it's incomplete and may not ever be complete(the last update was in 2014, but the author has renewed interest in the story), I'm ok with that! If you decided to read this story, if you decided to review this story please post ' #IAO_FG ' in your review to show My Blog sent you! Thanks!

So Happy Hunting and Happy Reading!
        Yours Truly,
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