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Hello Weekend-ers,
        Another beautiful Summer day is upon us! So get out, have fun, and when you have time, do some lite reading. I just got back from the movies and now I'm in for reading! I've got a ton of comics to catch up on, but for the moment I'm invested in a fun story right now. I think you'll like it!

Misery Loves Company by JaggerK 

Many children suffer through that horrible right of passage - seeing their parents or guardians in compromising positions. Why should the members of The Team be any different? Rated for highly suggestive situations but no actual sex scenes. Series of One-shots.

       I've actually never been in this position with my parents, but I have walked in on my brother with a dirty mag! LOL! These one shot stories are perfectly hilarious! As Always, Kid Flash was my favorite thus far, but I can't wait to read when Artemis finally gets an eye full! This is an on going series and I'm excited to see the next chapter! If you decide to read this story, go ahead and leave a review, every writer loves them! It would also be awesome if you do decide to leave a review to add ' #IAO_FG ' in the review to show my Blog sent you!
   Thanks for reading and enjoy you weekend,

Update: The Artemis Chapter has been posted :D
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