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Good Morning Weekend-ers!
       It's a long weekend for the Fourth of July celebration! For the first time in many months I have both Saturday and Sunday off! I am working bright and early Monday morning though, which means I'll probably be sound asleep during the fireworks. Why? Because I'm gonna be at Florida Supercon all Weekend! Staying up late and getting up early for all the panels and workshops and debates! I'm excited! You'll want to check out my Instagram and stay tuned into my blog as I'll be posting highlights of the Con!
       Unfortunately, I know not everyone can go to the convention, so here's a story or two, or eight to bid your time... ok, so you might need like two weeks or more to finish all these! With a new Harry Potter book due out at the end of the month, the play going on in London, and getting to meet Tonks and Seamus Finnigan on Sunday at the Convention, I figured I'd share this Harry Potter Series!

This is the story of Albus Potter, son of Harry Potter, and his adventures at Hogwarts. 1 of 7 hopefully . Now completely re-edited. R&R NOW COMPLETE

       This is just the first book of many Vekin87 has written! Their stories are strong and unique. It has everything we love from the original series, plus an added difference to make them completely their own thing! If JKRowling ever needed to give her stories a successor to continue writing then Vekin87 should get the title! I fell in love with these stories several years ago, and I know you will too! So give it a read and if you decide to review it add #IOA_FG some where in the review to show I sent you there :)

Yours Truly,

PS. If you'll be at Florida Supercon this weekend and want to me up, comment below or on my FaceBook Page, or Instagram
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