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Good Afternoon Weekend-ers,
            I'm a little late today because I hoped to have something ready by now, but it's taking a little longer than expected. I wanted to share the story I began writing, self entitled (but not necessarily self based) FlashGirl. The first chapter should be up by Monday morning; I'm still editing. It's a Young Justice story taking place during Season Two and will expand past Endgame. I'll post again when it's live on :) You'll also be able to notice the story by not only the name, but this picture as well:: 
                                              Original Art created by Shamserg 
                                                         - edited/personalized by FlashGirl

             In the mean time, with this beautiful, yet hot weather we're having you might like to relax and read something fun and light. Here is a little list of must read comics! You can pick them up at your local comic shop, or buy the digital versions online through the DCcomics App or

#1. DC Universe Rebirth #1 - Setting things on the right path in the DC Universe, this story brings back loved ones, introduces a new villain the Titans will uncover, and bring a tear to your eye. 

#2. Green Lanterns Rebirth #1 - Two Green Lantern rookies learn a lesson in team work. It was a fun issue and I'm excited to see their story unfold.

#3. Impulse Issues #1 & #2 - The beginning of the 1995 introduction of the grandson of the Flash's own titled book. Impulse was the main reason I started reading comics, so these two issues have a warm place in my heart!

#4. The New 52: Flash Annual #2 - Flash and Green Lantern Hal Jordan! Is there anything else I need to say? These two together are always fun to read!

#5. Blackest Night - The whole story is kind of fantastic! Especially if you're a Green Lantern and Flash Fan like me! Between Blue Lantern Flash and the whole color spectrum of the Lantern Core, it's just a great read!

            Thank you for bearing with me on this last reading recommendation and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Yours truly,

Edited 6/7/16: Chapter One of FlashGirl is up on!!
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