The SpeedForce Time Wraiths Creates The Black Flash

In the Season Finale of The Flash, we saw the demise of Zoom! Barry travels through time creating a time remanent of himself to not only stop to multiverse destroyer, but to draw out the Time Wraiths. Luckily, Barry was correct! The Time Wraiths were more interested in punishing Zoom for his speedforce crimes than they were in punishing Barry for his. As the Time Wraiths attacked Zoom, it changed him into something similar to the Time Wraith, but also completely different. Zoom became the Black Flash.
Black Flash was first introduced in DCcomics in Flash Volume 2 Issue #138, the following story arc involved the near death of Wally West, the current Flash. Wally West was only able to beat the Black Flash by racing it to the end of time. Black Flash is basically the Grim Reaper of Speedster, a personification of death for speedster. The Black Flash only becomes visible when a Speedster is about to die. It's revealed that the Black Flash was seen when both Barry Allen and Johnny Quick died. The Black Flash returns speedsters to the source of their powers when they die, it returns them to the SpeedForce.
The Time Wraiths are an original creation of the TV Series, they have no history in the comics. Speculation of this character, that appeared in the episode "Flash Back", was that it was the Black Flash. Some of the TV Producers told us that Time Wraiths are different from the Black Flash.

Now we see what that difference is...
They are both controlled by the same thing, the SpeedForce... Physically, the difference is small. Black Flash wears a black suit with a red and white lightning symbol on his chest, and red ear pieces. The Time Wraiths are much more murky and wispy. Both looks decrepit and scary. Their purpose differs highly! Time Wraiths are SpeedForce Police. They attack those that purposefully travel through time to change it. Black Flash only appears when a speedster is about to die. The Black Flash is neither good, nor bad, it only carries out the job it must do...

Which begs to question, Why Zoom?
As I said before, Death isn't evil so that's not a factor. No matter how horrible Zoom was, it did not play a factor into him becoming the Black Flash. Could it be that he is the first to 'die' since the SpeedForce opened it's gates?** If that's the case then why didn't the Reverse Flash become the Black Flash when he died?
Then again, technically, the Reverse Flash didn't die, he ceased to exist... Or maybe Reverse Flash never died? Maybe it was all a ruse?
What do you think??

Also can you imagine how Barry will feel when he sees the Black Flash for the first time! Not only is he gonna die, but his worst enemy is here to bring him into the SpeedForce? That's gotta suck!

**In the comics, when Barry Allen got his powers 
it created the SpeedForce and it was from that 
point in time that it spread both back in time and
 forward in time and across the entire multiverse. 
Barry opened the gate for a future and past speedster.
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