It's About Time! ... Supergirl Renewed #TheDetails

Come on now! She had a race with the Fastest Man Alive,
and kept up with him! If she's so fast, why does it take SOOOoooo long
to dish out any details the fans wanted to know?
Fans were hoping, praying, and creating rumors upon rumors 
that an Flash crossover would happen! It did and CBS and CW announced it,
But only after months of anticipation & hope. The same has happened with the renewal of Supergirl.
Normally we find out if a show has been renewed around the time episode six aires, 
but this year, the feet have dragged a lot! It's now 2 weeks after 
the freshmen season of Supergirl aired it's 
Season Finale and they just now told us: 
Yes, it's been Renewed!
But it's been Moved to the CW!
Dozens predicted this move, but I'm slightly sadden by it.
Having Supergirl on CBS gave superheroes better viewership, but
I'm excited for Supergirl to come to the CW because the CrossOvers are SO Much FUN!

The biggest thing that concerns me is the budget cuts Supergirl 
will take upon moving from CBS to the CW.
Here's what EW had to say::
That means Supergirl 2.0 will likely be a more frugal production. 
Shooting in Vancouver instead of Los Angeles should alone bring some 
of the cost down, but it remains to be seen whether fans will be 
able to ascertain any production value difference on screen.

I personally hope the effects don't go down, because location 
honestly does not bother me. Vancouver is a big city, 
as long as I don't immediately recognized a 
building as something in the Flash 
or Arrow, I don't care!
Only time will tell how this move will change the quality of Supergirl...
Who knows? It may be for the better! I'm just Happy There's a Season Two!!!

How do you feel about the move? What crossover do you want to see happen?
Supergirl's on a different Earth than Flash and Arrow, do you think they'll try some type of Crisis
That will move her to there Earth? Or will Earth hopping become a thing?
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