Flash Tonight! Where is Barry?

Last week's episode left us stunned and in shock 
as we watched Barry disintegrate in front of our very own eyes. 
(at 1 minute in)
Never Fear though, The FLASH is not dead! 
He's simple lost... in the SpeedForce!

So the question is...
What is the SpeedForce?

In DC comics, the SpeedForce is an extra-dimensional energy that allows the various Flashes, 
as well as most other speedsters, to be able to move through time and reality, as well as 
enhancing their speed and giving them other powers of movement.
Just like all great powers, The SpeedForce is also very dangerous. Most Speedsters gained the
ability to run faster than light, travel through time, and much much more. It can also take
so much away. Several speedsters thought to be dead, were trapped in the SpeedForce.
Once a speedster merges with the SpeedForce it's extremely difficult to leave.
In the comics, Barry Allen 'dies' in Crisis on Infinite Earth (1985), 
only to be revealed 24 years later in The Flash: Rebirth (2008) 
that he'd been trapped in the SpeedForce.

Here's a clip from Justice League Unlimited, 
Where Wally nearly merges with the SpeedForce and how it felt to him as a Speedster.
If it feels like home, why not?
The SpeedForce is an enticing energy that does not want to let the speedsters go.

Many believe that Wally in Young Justice didn't die, but rather he merged 
with the SpeedForce in the final episode: EndGame.
We won't know if that is what actually happened until Season 3 comes out!
Unfortunately a third season won't happen without your help!
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CW's The FLASH... 
... Is taking Barry down that rabbit hole which is The SpeedForce.

Behind the scenes pictures shows 
Barry sitting with his mom as she reads a children's book, and
Iris in the timeline when WestAllen occurred and the Tidal Wave happened...
With these two leading lady in his life, how could it not feel like home?

With just 5 hours to go...
We'll have to check out how Barry gets out of this in tonight's episode!
Are You Ready?

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