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Good Afternoon Weekend-ers,
        I'm having a bit of a lazy day, after the craziness of yesterday. It was my mother's birthday and went were out all day, then I worked 7 hrs at my regular job. When I got home after midnight last night, I just couldn't sleep so I had to check to see if In The Dark was updated(it's been 2 days O.O ), I guess DoctorMerlinReid is still waiting on reviews before they update again. I still wanted to read something and I saw this::

Kid Flash literally By: coly456 

But no, Wally, the speedster who could eat a truck load of food in three minutes, while simultaneously shoving his foot into his mouth making a fool of himself, was turned into a toddler.

        Wally, aka. Kid Flash as a toddler! I couldn't resist! It was just so perfectly sweet! The first half of the story is such a fluff it's nearly beautifully unbearable, and then the mission happens and the relationship between the two is cemented! I've read it three times in that last 14hrs and it just does not get old! So enjoy it, read it and if you decide to review it, please let them know I sent ya by typing #IAO_FG somewhere in you review! 

Thanks! Yours Truly,
FlashGirl :)
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