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Good Morning Weekend-ers,
        A beautiful weekend is here once again and I'm lucky enough to have the day off from my other job! I'll be heading to the movies shortly to see The Meddler. I've already seen Money Monster, which was really good and I recommend it! I mean really how can you pass up a movie with Julia Roberts and George Clooney?! I'm not here to recommend movies (although you should totally see Civil War if you haven't yet!), I've got a great story for you today! So take a couple of hours this weekend to take a seat, pull you computer over, and grab a few tissues while you get settled for::

In the Dark  by DoctorMerlinReid 
Wally is blinded as a child and ends up in a Gotham orphanage. Famous billionaire Bruce Wayne adopts him and gives him a home and a family. Wally is suddenly thrown into a world of crime and supervillains that he can't see. blind!Wally, bat!Wally

        The first chapter appeared 6 days ago and we already have 5 chapters! I Love it when a story is updated so often! It's got me hooked! There are mentions of Child Abuse in the first chapter. Wally is just the sweetest blind kid I've ever read! The Bat Family is endearing in so many different ways, it's fantastic! I love the relationship between Jason and Wally and then there's the inevitable friendship between Dick and Wally! It's definitely AU, but it totally works! I can wait to read more, but I need your help! This Fabulous Author request a number of reviews to be posted before they write another chapter! So Help a Gal Out! If you decided to read this story, please review this story and post ' #IAO_FG ' in your review to show My Blog sent you! Thanks!

FlashGirl Out!
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