DC Rebirth Tomorrow! #CountdownHasEnded

Finally Only One Day Left To Go!
A Brand New Story begins that will bring 
the Past, Present, and Future of
The DC Comic Universe to create REBIRTH!

Rebirth has come to mean a lot in the DC Universe, 
often bringing back old heroes that died or 
disappeared years before. Bringing 
back the dead isn't all though, it revives the 
history, returning the thing we loved and missed from that time.
Rebirth isn't a reboot, it's a revival!

It seemed, with the New 52 Set, all these heroes were meeting for the first time.
They were generally new to the hero gig and still learning with very small
histories behind them. Dozens upon dozens of characters we knew 
and loved disappearedRebirth looks like it's changing all that!

As always in these pivotal times, the Flash Family is at it's center!
The Red-Headed Speedster might just be the beginning,
and boy, he knows a lot, but how long will he 
remember? Where has he been?
Will more come too?

We won't know until we read!
DC Universe: Rebirth #1 Comes out May 25, 2016
(that's tomorrow!)

In the Following Weeks New Book will be coming out all start out with New #1s
With the exception of Action and Detective Comics
 which are returning to their old numbers.

There will be a total of 17 twice monthly books, and 14 monthly. 
All books will only cost $2.99 each!

Here's a quick look at the upcoming month!

It's always great to go straight to the source!
So here is DC All Access with the
Top 10 Things to Know Before Rebirth

Don't have access to the Flashpoint Paradox Comics?
Check out the Movie on Netflix!

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