DC Rebirth Countdown - 14 Days:: SuperGirl

Universally recognized, SuperGirl's first appearance was in May 1959, Issue #252 of Action Comics.
Often a supporting character, the Girl of Steel didn't get a lead story until 10 years later in 
Adventure Comics. SuperGirl is normally portrayed as Kara Zor-El, 
the older Cousin of Superman. In her escape from Krypton, 
Kara's ship was thrown into the Phantom Zone.
Eventually, she got out of the Phantom Zone and landed on Earth 
only to find out, her baby cousin is already grown man and became a Hero: Superman.

Over the years Supergirl has made a appearance in both on the Big Screen and Little Screen, 
Live Action and Animation. She was a regular on the cartoon Justice League Unlimited, 
Laura Vandervoort guest starred on Smallville as Supergirl for over 20 episodes, 
Helen Slater played her in the self titled full length feature in 1984, 
and CBS just aired it's first Season of Supergirl 
starring Melissa Benoist. 

Did you know:: Helen Slater played Kara adopted mother in the 
latest version of Supergirl on CBS.
In Rebirth, SuperGirl
Is Back in Action, protecting National City while also trying to live life like an average,
 ordinary teenage going to High School. Ghosts from her past on Krypton 
come to haunt her and it might be just one ball to many to juggle. 

All NEW Issues will be Priced at $2.99
SuperGirl: Rebirth #1 - August 17, 2016
SuperGirl #1 - September 7, 2016
All NEW Issues will be shipped Twice Monthly!

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I truly enjoyed the TV Show on CBS this last year, even if it was corny at time,
and I really like the summary DC has given for SuperGirl in Rebirth. 
I'm still debating, but right now this book is a yes for me.

How about you? Are you planning on Picking Up 
SuperGirl Rebirth? What are you looking forward to in the new books?
Let me know in the comments below!

All SuperGirl pictures belong to DC Comics
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