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Good Afternoon Weekend-ers,
         A little late on the reading recommendation today because while there are quite a few great stories out there, they aren't finished, or so sporadic in updating I'd just hate to get you hooked on a story and then it never gets updated or you have to wait 10 months for the next update! So I'm gonna recommend a comic book instead!
         I've just recently dipped my toe into the Marvel Universe of Comics, my love of the Deadpool Movie told my comic book guy to recommend Deadpool & the Mercs for Money #1 (Plus a Bonus Book: Spidey #1). Now, while I liked the movie, I wasn't sure about the comics. As I read the comic, I did like Deadpool, but all the other Mercs just weren't to my liking, then I read Spidey... and I fell in love!
        I've been looking at Spiderman comics for a while, but didn't know where to start. There are some where Peter's an adult, and someone else is spiderman, I think. Then there's a few others and I'm totally confused. Spidey is a jump back to young Peter Parker in high school and doing his SuperHero thing. It's entertaining, it's fun and honestly this scene for Spidey #4 (just came out last Wednesday) stole my heart!!
I really like this set of Comics because you don't have read it in order, each issue so far is it's own story. So get off the couch and check out your local comic shop, buy Spidey #4, read, and enjoy! If your couch is too comfortable to leave, download the marvel app and buy the comic there!
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