How to get JARVIS on iPhone #Ironman

This last weekend, I had a great time with friends. At one point we were heading to a party,
and we used one of my friends phones for directions. Her 'Siri' was male and British, I asked 
her why and she responded "Oh, mine is JARVIS, check this out!"

Technically, there's two ways to get JARVIS on iPhone, through the App by Marvel (It was originally made for iPhone 4, before we had Siri and so it's not as advance), or by changing a few things in Settings...

So GO-TO Settings --> General --> Siri

Then Change Language to English (United Kingdom) 
and Voice Gender to Male.

Then Say "Hello JARVIS" and you will get these responses!

The Last one cracks me up!
I hope you enjoy your new Jarvis!
I know I am, and I think my mom enjoys it even more! LOL!

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