Back in Time... Episode 21

Right now they are Filming Episode 21 of The FLASH and It looks and sounds Amazing!
Kevin Smith is the director and I'm just Soooo excited to see it!
We've heard a little bit of what's to come in the final 
episodes of The FLASH. Episode 16 aires 
on the 22 with a female speedster
and Episode 17 is entitled
"Flash Back",
And has Barry traveling back in time so he can get faster by having Thawne, as Wells, train him.
Synopsis for the rest of the season has not come out, but pictures from 
Episode 21 gives us some hints like...
Time travel will happen again,
as we see Candice Patton, as Iris West, at the water front park wearing the same clothes she did in
 Episode 15 of Season One, when Barry revealed himself as the Flash and then stopped the 
Tsunami that sent him back in time. This is also the moment WestAllen occurred as they 
kissed just moments before. I'm taking a guess and saying we'll find out what 
happened to Central City post tsunami.

We also know that we will see Henry Allen in this episode as he's been in all the cast 
photos they've taken during the period Kevin Smith has been there. 
A scene will take place with Barry and Henry in a cabin at some point, 
since GrantGust posted a picture on Instagram last week.

As a mega fan, Smith invited his partner in crim-- I mean, Filmmaking to the set of The FLASH. 
While Jay and Silent Bob will not be making a cameo as a Duo, but you never know, 
Jay might be grabbing a coffee in CCJitters.

Depending on how well the episode is received, and I believe we have nothing to worry about,
The Cast, particularly Grant Gustin, would love to have him back!
I'm so excited The FLASH is Back This Week!
Are you excited for the rest of the season? What do you hope to see in the weeks ahead?
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