Full to Fuller House: A Review so Far

The new Netflix Series 
Fuller House
Is just as fun and sweet as it's predecessor. 
I've just binged watched 10 episodes!
In the first episode we got the whole crew back together, even Nicky and Alex!
That was a nice surprise! Everyone was well aware of the only absence
one in the party would be and they placed it with a well aimed joke.
Unfortunately, it wasn't the last... Jokes upon jokes to make fun of the series, make fun of the missing
 members, and other jokes to me, while sometimes worked. Other times felt insulting... Maybe 
it's because they were so close together, watching one episode after another. Maybe if 
there was time between them it would've been better. 
Overall between the nostalgia and the good old family fun comedic antics, makes this show a winner!
I loved Joey teaching the kids how to have fun with out devices, 
and then letting the ladies clean it up!
Or the oldest Fuller son having a 'gibbler' type friend,
that's call karma DJmomma.
And then there's this moment... The Best Moment of the Show So Far!
DJ's new flame and her old flame smooching each other!

Their lines right after this was great!
Steve: I was not impressed, not impressed at all...
Matt: I wasn't even Trying!

Ps. Just looked the show up on IMDB and guess what I saw that sort of made me like the show more?
Tommy, the Fuller family baby, is played by... you guessed it! TWINS!
Just like Michelle was!
Full to Fuller House: A Review so Far Full to Fuller House: A Review so Far Reviewed by Natalia Portal on February 28, 2016 Rating: 5

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