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Good Morning Weekenders,
        How's your reading lately? Know any good stories? Let me know! In the mean time, I've got one for you!! A lot of Angst, a lot of hurt, but also a lot of care between Artemis and Wally. If you enjoy a unique twist to a Kid Flash and Artemis relationship, you'll like this!

When a mission takes a turn for the worse, Wally is captured by Shadows and held captive in a secret base. Alone and afraid, he finds himself talking to the only person who will listen: the blonde archer guarding him who refuses to give her name. 100% spitfire.

       I started this story out of pure boredom, I needed a new story and this one seemed interesting. 16 chapters and 35,000 words later, I just wanted more! I couldn't put the story down until it was finished, and once you thought it was done... It comes back for round two with a new twist! If you decided to read this story and you decided to review this story please post ' IAO#fangirling ' in your review to show My Blog sent you! Thank you and enjoy!
Fanfiction Recommendation! Fanfiction Recommendation! Reviewed by Natalia Portal on February 13, 2016 Rating: 5

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