Another DC Painting! Green Lantern!

Recently I've taken to painting my favorite DCcomic characters,
  Flash and now,
 Green Lantern
This one took a lot more time, and I've been super busy!
So after weeks of doing a little bit at a time this is the end result.
Love it, Hate it, Enjoy it!
Because I really enjoyed working on it!
It's a success for me!

Here's a little step by step of How I did it...

 I only have the main colors (primary and secondary, plus black, white, and brown), 
so I do a lot of mixing colors. Firstly, I painted the background a dark blue(mixing blue and black). Once I let it dry, I sketched the picture in pencil, so I would have an outline.
Next I made the Universe! 
I dipped one of my straw brushes lightly in white, and splattered it on the painting. 
I repeated the last step with yellow and orange, then I added a few planets and large stars.

Next I started filling in the Whites of his gloves and symbol, 
then I Outlined the sketch with paint and did a little shadowing on the one glove.
I also filled in the face and shadowed that in some to give some curves to it.
(Making the skin color for his face took a lot of mixing, trial and error. You have to mix red, blue, and yellow, then depending on tone you want you add more of what you want. I added more yellow to the mixture and some white to soften and lighten it up...)
Next was his hair, which I mixed both black & white in with the brown, to give his hair some layers.

Next was filling everything in, all the solid colors and creating the symbols.
Then I added shadowing for the second glove,
The mask on the face was last for this round, and I hated it! I hated the whole face!
So I changed it...
I added shadowing and muscles to the rest of the body.
I used black to out line the muscles, and then light greens, grays, and whites for the shadowing.
Next, I filled in the green ring and it's glow... a water mixture of greens and yellows.
Finally I sketched the new face!

Once the Face was painted, I did two coats of glossy mod podge for a protective cover.

Below is the reference picture, next to the final product of my paining.

It was only after I was 50% done with my Green Lantern Painting that I realized...
Apparently I like my heroes Coming Right at me! LOL

Let me know what you think!

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