What I Liked about Blackest Night

That the title of this post just rhymed :P
But Besides that 
A Lot!

I'll admit since I'm only just recently got into Comics this last year I'm bouncing around a bit. I generally buy a comic and/or set, looking up online what happened before it, read the comic, 
then look up more online, and then read it again to understand everything. 
If I could I read every comic starting from the 1940s, but 
It's truly difficult to find them all...

As a large Flash Fan and rekindling my Love of Green Lantern 
it wasn't long before I found out about Blackest Night, where Barry becomes the Blue Lantern Flash!
As USA Weekend says, "The Talk of the Comic Book World"
And it still is 5+years after it's first publishing!

So The Things I Liked about the Blackest Night...

* It's begins shortly after Flash Rebirth - which I got the first Story arc of Flash Rebirth for   
        Christmas, so I had a footing on what was going on... Green Lantern Rebirth was before this as  
        well, I want to read that now too :P
* It really fleshes out the mythos of the Green Lantern Origins as well as the Emotional Spectrum of 
        Light and all the other Corps - I recently watched almost all of the Green Lantern: The Animated 
        Series(2011) which dealt with a lot of the other Corps. I didn't really know or fully understood 
        the other Corps until I read Blackest Night. Now I want to read more!
* The Captain Planet reference - Before I read the panel, just looking at the picture, I thought 
        "Captain Planet" and then I read "I think I saw this on a Saturday Morning Cartoon." I had to 
        take a small break after Laughing so Hard!
* The most inspirational line in the book, from the Blue Lantern Flash of Hope himself - 
        "Life Doesn't Give us Purpose, We Give Life Purpose." 
* Bart Allen - He's my one of my Top Favorite Characters in the DC Universe, it's an honest tie 
        between Barry, Bart, and Hal Jordan. I just can't Decide, although Bart in Blackest Night went 
        from awesomely funny to Terrifying. I just sort of Laughed Out Loud when He was talking to 
        the Flashes and realized last minute he was heading right at the Black Lantern! Then When He 
        became a Black Lantern, he was just scary!
* Barry and Hal both Start and End the Story of the Blackest Night...
* The Art Work! - It was just truly amazing! It was just the story that kept me going, but the detailed 
        artwork in each panel! I Loved it, I felt it! It was just incredible!

Honestly there is just so much I could talk about in this book,
But not enough time in the day.

The Next read on my List is, you Guessed it!

So what was your favorite part about Blackest Night?
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