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Last Summer CW wanted to try out a New Heroine: 

It premiered on August 24, 2015 on
Every Tuesday for 5 weeks a new 5 minute episode was released.
In all honesty, the shortness of the episodes drove me nuts!
But I couldn't stop myself from tuning in every week!

The Short Mini-Webseries which amounted to a total of 31 minutes gave us her origin.
Without an identity, orphan Mari McCabe is in search of her past with the only clue as an old
Talisman Necklace from her mother. Suddenly both she and the talisman comes to life as it gives her
the speed of a cheetah, strength of an elephant, and flight of an eagle. Unfortunately, someone else
is after the talisman... Her older Sister. At first Mari is happy to give the talisman to her sister,
if it meant she'd learn of her past. After falling off a building, getting shot, bitten by a
spider, and left for dead in the African Desert, Mari realizes the danger so many people
would be in if her Sister held the power of the talisman, and besides to fight back!
She Wins
 and returns home to Detroit
to begin her own Superhero gig!
The Flash and Arrow join us in this little show
briefly, with a few funny lines and a truce made.

Now The News!

Entertainment Weekly says The CW announced at the TV Critics Association's Press Tour
on Sunday that Vixen Will Have a Second Season!
Season Two of Vixen is on it's Way!

Also Vixen Actress, Megalyn Echikunwoke, will reprise the role not only as her animated character
 for Season Two, but also as a Live Action version in The CW's Arrow.
On Feb. 24, 2016, episode 15 is when she'll make her Live Action Debut!

I can't wait to see where to see where this character goes!
What are your thoughts on CW's Vixen?
Do you like the character? The episodes? The actress?
Let me know in the comments below!
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