Magic City Comic Con - My 1st Con!

I've Never been to a Comic Con before,
and honestly I wasn't expecting to go to this one. 
I just didn't have the money, then my brother comes home and says, "I just got paid, wanna go?"
Was I really gonna say "No"? Heck no, I threw on my Flash shirt and said I was in the car! LOL!
He's never been to one either, and honestly he didn't really like it 
because he didn't find his clique, but I did. 
Unfortunately, I was on his dime and couldn't stay longer then he wanted. 
I'll be going on my dime next time! 

I have a great time while I was there! We went to the 
Game of Thrones Q&A
Walked past a Costume Contest
Met a few Artist
Bought a handful of comics and a t-shirt
Saw John Wesley Shipp
Went to a 'develop you heroes' talk with P.L.McCall II

I wanted to go to an Artist panel thing, but we left before I could...

I'm into comics, TV, art, writing, and more...
My brother is into board games, and that's about it...
Sure there was a whole floor for people playing games, but he didn't join them *rolls eyes*

My brother can honestly say he's been to one, but it's just not for him.
I can say, yeah I've been to one and I'm going to the next one, 
and the one after that and the one after that!
I Am Obsessed!

** I'll be posting a few things about Magic City Comic Con in the next few days, so stay tuned**
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