Fish is Coming Back to Gotham

The one of the first Villains we met during the freshman season of Gotham was Fish Mooney.
She was an original Character to the TV Show,
Never seen before in the comics or movies before this moment.
Fish Mooney, played by Jada Pickett Smith, 
was apparently 'killed off' at the end of it's first season. 
Let's be honest here... in the comic book world, does anyone ever STAY DEAD?
No body was seen, no proof of her actually being dead was found.
So guess what? She's BACK!!

Jada Pickett Smith will be coming back to the small screen
to reprise her role as Fish Mooney
at some point in the second half of Season Two!

Gotham will be back on the Leap Year! 
Feb. 29th
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