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Good Morning Weekend-ers,
           I have a special treat for you today! It's short, it's emotional, and it answer the question I been having since last episode. In CW's The FLASH, Potential Energy episode, Barry is having nightmares. Patty even claims he wake up screaming. They must of been bad, but just how bad? I guess we saw the lesser version in the show... See how Patty deals with it in...

Barry's Nightmares by wolfypuppypiles 

Barry is having nightmares but wont tell Patty what they are about until they get out of hand and Patty has to call in for some help.

This story will keep you on the edge of your seat, tears in your eyes, and not only feel the emotions of Barry through this difficult time, but Patty as well. As Fanfiction is always here for this story fleshes out some of the details the show only glosses over. If you decided to read this story, if you decided to review this story please post ' IAO#fangirling ' in your review to show My Blog sent you! Thanks! 

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