A Review on Martian Manhunter's Story of Mars

         I don't know how I really feel about the latest episode of Supergirl... Overall, it was good. The white Martian coming to Earth, disguising it's self as the Senator, and getting into DEO. Those parts I liked, but the back story of Mars... IDK. I understand that the White Martians killed all the Green Martians on Mars and that it would be similar to what happen during the Holocaust, but what I don't like is how unoriginal it was. If you asked someone to explain the Holocaust, it would be almost the same exact words J'onn J'onzz used to explain what happened on Mars, just substitute white martians, green martians, and furnace for Nazis, Jews, and gas chamber.

        I've just seen so many interpretations of Nazism and the Holocaust that were interesting and unique. Yes, they are the same at the root of the issue, but the details and story were different. Often times it takes me a while to realize a story is based on the Holocaust and that honestly makes me like the story more. That being said, Martian Manhunter's description of what happened to his family on Mars was so simplified and unoriginal. I was bored! I truly think there was a better way to tell his story; it needed more development.

A Review on Martian Manhunter's Story of Mars A Review on Martian Manhunter's Story of Mars Reviewed by Natalia Portal on January 28, 2016 Rating: 5

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