The FLASH: Barry and Wally

The whole West Family, Barry included, have recently had their lives turned upside down, by the 
re-introduction of Iris' Mom, and the secrets she took with her when she left. 
Wally is in the midst of coming to terms with losing his mom, 
when he finds out about his dad, AND sister!
Well that's not so bad, A whole new family to take him in, but wait... 
Who's this guy? Barry Allen?
Living in his dad's house, and not even dating his sister. 
He's just some foster kid, right? Why's he still here?

I think we'll be seeing a lot of angst and jealousy from Wally at the beginning. 
Kind of like: 'I want to be part of this family, but I'll be acting out a lot! 
Especially being a jerk to Barry.'
Then he'll get his speed and have fun with it and 
we'll see more of the fun Wally everyone's kind of hoping for.

I'm super Excited for the 2nd Half of Season 2! 
Jan. 19th 2016
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