Bridge of Spies Review

I had the pleasure of seeing 'Bridge of Spies' during a sneak preview and it was one of the nicest, cellphone free films I've seen in a long time! 
(They literally took our cellphone before the film began and returned them at the end.)

While I enjoy films based on true-life events and/or history based, they sometimes are too long and slow. This movie did not fall into that notion. Bridge of Spies was a compelling story, with a few surprisingly funny moments. I didn’t expect to laugh as much as I did. It is set during the Cold War, where fear of Spies and Communism runs rampant. James Donovan is a smart, devoted, smooth talker that will always get what he wants, but hey, he’s a lawyer, and Tom Hanks portrayal is fantastic. First Donovan must represent an accused German Spy in a Court of Law (a losing battle) and then negotiate a trade to get Powers, a US Pilot, and Parrish, a Harvard Student, released in exchanged for the German Spy. As a few friends said as we left the theater, “It’s the only film that has come out recently, based on true-life events that ended on a good note.” So Don’t Miss This Film it’s definitely worth the watch!

One thing that this film reminds me of is that I love this country, what we stand for, and what this country was built on, 
but that doesn’t mean I will do whatever the government tells me blindly. 
The Constitution gave me the freedom of speech, freedom of choice, and the right to due process.   
Bridge of Spies Review Bridge of Spies Review Reviewed by Natalia Portal on October 13, 2015 Rating: 5

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