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Good Morning Speedsters,
      I'm out in the community this morning, joining my friends down at the University of Miami, and participating in Gandhi Day. Hopefully, we don't get rained out with the storm coming near. #pray4us In the end, all will be well and I have a story to tell ya about!

Something goes wrong as Wally tries to get back to his dimension. He's transported somewhere else, somewhere new. Wally struggles through trying to get home again while dealing with new people who really aren't that new. Sequel to 'In Another World'.

        This is the 3rd part of the on going Saga of young Wally West-Wayne and the Infinite Dimensions. In The Dark is the introduction of the series, taking place in the Young Justice Universe. It follows the series timeline with some minor and major changes. Wally West gains his superspeed and is blinded at the age of nine, and after his parents are put away Wally becomes an orphan. Two years later he is adopted by Señor Bat. The Bat Clan is in reverse with Damian the oldest, and Dick the youngest until Wally joins the family. In Another World takes place directly after the Season Two finally of Young Justice. Wally does cease, but only in that dimension. He reappears in the Marvel Universe during the final battle of the first Avengers movie. We get to not only meet the Avengers, but also Daredevil, Spiderman, The Fantastic Four, and even a few Mutants! Wally is lost in a different Dimension and desperately trying to find his way home, but with obstacles like Loki, Savage, and Professor Zoom in the way, this story is A Must Read! 
        Finally Wally is ready to go home in the newest story from DoctorMerlinReid, In The Light. If he didn't get back to the Young Justice Dimension, Where did he go? Where else, but The Flash TV Show Universe! Only the first chapter is out, but it's Fantastic!! Ronnie is alive and Wally can see! You'll be both elated and sadden by this new story's beginning. 
       I hope you'll enjoy these stories as much as I have! AND If you're fantastic enough to write a review please write somewhere in your review #IAO_FG, to show my blog sent you there!

Thank you, and have a great weekend!
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