Supplies for Dabbling in Painting! #FGSpendingSunday

Good Evening Speedster!
     How was your week? Do anything fun or interesting? I'd love to here about it in the comments! For me, I've had a pretty good week. For one of my classes I'm trying to write a short Hero script that I'm hoping to possibly film in the spring, but we shall see. It's a bit of a drama piece than an action one right now. I'm not sure if that good or not. On the other hand I finally finished my Killing Joke, Joker Painting! If you check out the FlashGirl Art page here on my blog you can see all the projects I've done in the past. I have a lot of great time painting.
     My method to painting is pretty simple... I find a picture I want to paint online, leave it up on my computer, set up my art station, and either run a playlist of songs on YouTube, or turn on a series on Netflix, and let it run on forever! I'm still a novice per say, and I'm self taught. Are the items I'm going to recommend for artistic newbies? Maybe, maybe not. Are they what the professional use? Who knows... I'm just telling you what works for me, and what I've used in the past. 
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     I starting painting again because I was the newly appointed Recruitment Chair for my Gender Inclusive Frat - Phi Sigma Pi. I was given an enormous bag filled with crafting stuff, from paints to feathers, and glue to markers. Some of it was well loved, while other things hadn't been touched at all. I decided to use what I could and add to the pack. (I also organized it, so it was easier to handle)... Anything I used too much of for personal use I replaced. It was so much fun dabbling in the crafts again! At the end of the school year when I passed the torch to the next recruitment chair, I had to give them all the crafting stuff too.
      Honestly, the next day I went to out and bought...
A Pack of Brushes              A Palette                   And Some Canvas'
I started off with the small Canvas because I wasn't sure what I really wanted to do. Eventually I moved up to the bigger canvas! And finally, the most important items...
The Paints!

The first colors I bought was Purple and Yellow because They were PSP's Official colors!
Eventually I got all the primary and secondary colors, and slowly but surely
I've added shadings of different color. Mixing for me is
a little difficult since I've have not official training.

Here's my latest painting!
It actually turned out better than I thought!

So don't be afraid to try something new!
It only takes a couple of bucks and a little bit of courage!
What project are you working on?
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