Sept. 11, Flash, and Face Painting #FGSpendingSunday

Hey there Speedsters! How's your Sunday Going?
       If you haven't taken the time today, please take a moment of silence to honor the men and woman who died 15yrs ago today. Can you believe it, it's been 15yrs since that tragic day in history! And if you didn't feel that old before, just think...
      I was a Sophomore in High School, living in a small town in AZ during this time in my life. Although, on Sept. 8, 2001, my grandfather, that lived in NYC, passed away. My older brother and I traveled cross-country, for the first time without my mother, to go to the funeral. We stayed with my Father in New Jersey. On Sept. 11th, we were suppose to board a flight at 10:30 to fly back home to AZ. It was a scary time and cellphones were still new and had crappy service. It took over an hour to reach my mom, who was panicking at home. A week in a half later, my brother and I finally got home after a 3 day bus ride cross-country because our airline went bankrupt and never took off the ground again. 
      During this very terrifying moment in history, not only did I witness one of our country's scariest days, but also what came after... The Love and Support of our people coming together. The bus ride cross-country showed me how beautiful our country was; from the scenery to the people, and we were all on the same journey together. So if it's been a while since you called an old friend or family member, go spend your Sunday doing that.
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      If you've had your moment of silence and spent time with your Family, and now, you want to sit back relax and enjoy a good TV Show. Check this out!

You can Watch
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The Flash Season Three Premieres Oct. 4th!
       As Halloween comes near, more decorations, costumes, and accessories for cosplay becomes available. For instances, I bought this Snarazoo Face Paint a few weeks ago on Amazon. 
While looking online for face paint a person had commented on a different product saying, "If you want what the professional use get Snarazoo! So that's what I did and I really like it so far. My only gripe was that in the above set, there wasn't any orange. Although mixing was easy enough. 
       I'm planning a few projects that require face paint so when I saw this little set, I purchased it as well!
It's fun and easy to do! And the prices are pretty good too! The Sticks above also have orange so no mixing necessary! Snarazoo is a really good brand and I can't wait to try some new designs :D
     I hope your Sunday's been well and you've gotten your rest to face the week ahead. 
See ya later, Speedster!
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