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Hiya Speedsters!
     Got your Free Comic Book? Ready to read some good Fanfiction now too? Here's a good one! I mentioned it in passing a couple of weeks ago, but the latest chapter really made it deserve it's own recommendation!

Wally has been told Dick's secret ID, but Batman doesn't trust the speedster , thinking he will spill his secret. However, Wally is not planning on giving that secret away any time soon, not even after being captured by people who will do anything to get Batman's identity. 

      It's not finished yet, but it's getting there. We get a fantastic dose of not only the bro-ship between Wally and Dick, but also a healthy portion of Daddy Bats! Bruce turns from an untrusting, stubborn Bat to an overprotective, papa bird for his whole flock (including Wally). Bruce's actions during the rescue is perfect. Wally, a 13 yr old kid, who spends his free time helping others as KidFlash and running along side his Uncle, is put through a little bit of Hell. Triumphing the pain is his devotion to his friend. Everyone needs to have a friend like Wally, and every Wally needs a friend like Dick!

Check out this story!
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PS. Do you have a Friend Like Dick or Wally? Who are you in the Friendship?
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Art by young-rain
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