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I truly hope you enjoy this story because this author is a keeper!
Hiya Speedsters!
      With school back in the flow of things, everyone is getting reacquainted with classmates and friends they haven't seen most of the summer! Sometime these friends are just that... friends, while others are more! They're family! Summer can sometime bring you closer together, by spending every day together, or farther apart as each family goes a trips and travels, and you just can't connect time wise. The Justice League and Young Justice are just like this, they're not just friends or co-worker, they're Family! While many of the member are super close, two members of Young Justice are just like brothers! Wally and Dick, KF and Robin... This story below will show that bond!

It was simple mission, observe and get out, but it all went to hell so quickly the moment Kid Flash sacrificed himself to spare Robin. No character death, rated T

      When one is in danger, the other one jumps in to protect them. This story has elements of humor, angst, and drama, but above all else it had heart! From Wally sacrificing himself, to Robin's worry keeping him a Wally's side, to Artemis giving Robin a wake up/ calm down smack, to Wally calling Barry Dad, and to Superbly's bear hug. It's just so warm and fuzzy, with a side or pain because poor Wally is suffering! I'm so happy to have found this story. It was totally by accident, as I just finished another story by Arithese called Trust of the Innocent. This author has a whole universe set up for our young heroes, particularly Kid Flash. The reason I recommended Toxic today/tonight is because it's a one shot story, while Trust of the Innocent is a new multi-chapter story with just two chapters. Don't worry as the story continues I probably will do a second recommendation for that one! 
       As a writer myself, I know one of the best feelings is when people review or comment on something I posted, so do me a favorite and after reading this story, review it! Any review small or large is so wonderful! If you do read this story and you review it too please add " #IAO_FG " to show my blog sent you there and you'll kill two birds with one stone!

Happy Reading my Speedster!
                   Hugs to you all, FlashGirl
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