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Good Afternoon Weekend-ers,
        It's Saturday and normally I'd tell you about a great new Fanfiction I've read, but One Story has me all tied up and obsessed and they haven't updated in 4 days! In Another World by DoctorMerlinReid is about a Blind Wally West, that's already been through so much ends up in the Marvel Universe instead of dying at the end of Season of Young Justice. It's a Fantastic story and I've done a couple of recommendations already... None the less Wally's just been rescued and secrets are about to be revealed and I've been waiting! The writer is a trooper though and I truly admire how fast they update, I just really want to read more! LOL! So if you're looking for a story and you haven't read this one, DO IT! You won't regret it!
         Now on to the recommendation of a movie that's getting a lot of flack from the critics: Suicide Squad! I went in with high, but wary expectations. I'm not a big Villains fan, so I had my doubts based on that alone. My highlights going in were Harley and Captain Boomerang (mainly because he's a Flash Villain). Harley took it on a home run, while Boomer did let me down a bit, but Deadshot and Diablo truly shined in the movie! Joker was very different then his predecessors and a little hard to get use to. Even after the movie I'm still trying to figure out if I liked him or not; he had his great moments and his not so great moments... Overall this movie was really good! A little slow at the beginning, but enjoyable! I suggest, you see it for yourself, and make you own opinion!

So go see a movie, and enjoy the rest of your weekend,

Did you already see Suicide Squad?
What do you think?
Tell me in the comments!

Update: In Another World was updated an hour after I posted this :D #SoExcited
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