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Good morning Speedsters!
      It's the Weekend! More importantly the first weekend after school started for many of us, and I don't know about you guys, but I could use a little escape! That's where reading comes in! If you haven't figured it out yet, I love to escape to the DC Universe and I particularly like to fall into the world of Young Justice! I love my speedsters! (Yes that includes all of you :D ) The story for today has got my emotions all up in arms. Wally is so freaking cute!

Who was Wally before he became Kidflash? This is a look at his life.

       This is a little bit of history to Kid Flash's past and where he came from. You can feel where Wally is coming from and the emotions created in the story. You notice small hints of where the boisterous KF personality in show came from. Barry and Iris are perfect in every way! I really love and enjoy all the characters in the story, even Wally's dad. TheLittleImp is fantastic in they're own right, with how quick the updates are! #AlmostDaily... If you decide to read the story, let the author know what you think of it by making a review! If you read and review the story, please add somewhere in your review "#IAO_FG" to show my blog sent you! Thanks :)
            Well, despite it being the weekend,
                       I do have a test to study for, so I'm off!
                              Signing off, FlashGirl Out!

PS. original picture by Brendan77
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