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Hey Speedsters!
      It's the weekend, so you know what time it is! Fanfiction time! Whether you have to work on the weekend or not, you can find a little free time to read. Whether it's just after you wake at noon, or before you go to bed at midnight, or during you lunch break. Take a moment to yourself, put your feet up and relax... Escape to the world of Fanfiction and enjoy this cute little find of something sweet and nice, with a tad bit of spice!

When Wally finally gets his chance to be Kid Flash, he comes up with the perfect way to thank his uncle… Unfortunately, his new metabolism kinda ruins it for him.

       This was perfect in every way! I could totally see this happening in continuity of the YJ Universe and just the Flash Family in General, lol. The ending was amazing as well! This is a oneshot story, but I hope to read a similar story between Wally and Bart, annoyance and fluff! *hint, hint Thunder.Blade*
        So go and grab yourself a package of cookies, or a plate of brownie and have a snack while you read this little story!

    Yours always,

PS. If you decide to read this story, take the time to review it! Writers always enjoy a little review, no matter how small. If you do decide to review it, please add "#IAO_FG" just to say my blog sent you! Thank you so much! Enjoy your Weekend!
Fanfiction Recommendation Fanfiction Recommendation Reviewed by Natalia Portal on August 13, 2016 Rating: 5

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